Frameless glass door electric lock

Frameless glass door electric lock

Frameless glass door electric lock
Product name : Frameless glass door electric lock
Item : XM-600
Details :
The operating voltage of the electric lock DC12V, power locks bolt with self-locking feature , in addition to the electric door lock detect circuit is also designed to detect and lock cylinder circuit through lead even the lock body, for the user to monitor the electrical detection working condition and door locks use another power locks locked inside also has an optional third gear delay for users.


Working voltage : DC12V
Red: positive ( + ) Black: negative ( - )
Current: starting current 1.3A Operating Current 0.08A
Lock delay: third gear 0 seconds 3 seconds 6 seconds to adjust
Bolt : stainless steel bolt diameter 12.5MM
Lock Dimensions: Lock L148 * W43 * H39 (MM)
Disk L148 * W43 * H25 (MM)
Red : +12 V ( power supply positive + ) Black : GND ( negative power supply - ) 
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